Mobile Application Innovation Contest is part of the China Collegiate Computing Contest, aiming to promote the reform of teaching content and teaching methods of computer courses in colleges and universities, to stimulate students' awareness of innovation, to improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems with computers (especially their mobile application design and development capabilities), to train team spirit, and to improve the teaching effectiveness of collegiate mobile application development courses.

The 2018 contest encourages intercollegiate cooperation and welcomes works from colleges and universities all over the world.


Team participants can get registered for the contest at the website ( The team members should be registered students studying in colleges and universities. Teams should fill in the registration form on the website, print it and get it stamped by the university's (or college's) academic department seal, and then submit a scanned copy of it. Further requirements include:

1. The works submitted by the participants should be originally created by themselves. The Organizing Committee has the right to request a statement of originality and, if any fraud is found committed by a participant, has the right to cancel the corresponding awards and prizes given to the participant. The consequences are to be borne by the participating members.

2. Each team should consist of up to 3 members. Replacement of members is basically allowed only once, which must be requested in writing to the expert committee director prior to the second round of the contest and can be actually implemented only if getting approved by the director.

3. Each team must have one or two coaches who must be a formal teacher of the university or college where the team comes from. A coach can act as the representative of multiple teams, responsible for guidance and communications of each team throughout the contest. The coach must ensure that all the team members meet the requirements of this Rules.

4. The deadline of the first round of the contest is May 31, 2018.

Requirements for the works

The entries of the contest must be original Apps of certain functionality, based on the iOS system design and development, and with Apple's product portfolio and development tools as the basis. Teams are encouraged to download and use the Swift language for development. The theme of the works should be closely related to the contest-recommended fields of application and other hot issues of concern to the community, including but not limited to health care, environmental protection, flood control and disaster relief, education, aging problems, safety and large data applications. Participants may choose a theme of their own, freely collect and obtain relevant data, provide solutions and actually implement them on mobile devices. Participant teams must upload their entries to the official website of this contest. When submitting entries, each team should submit the relevant information of the entries as required by Annex 1 of this Rules.

Before the registration deadline, the participating teams may at any time modify, improve and update their submitted registration information. When teams submit entries for the first time, entries may include, but are not limited to App introductions, App renderings, posters, etc. in the format of jpg. The second-round entries should include design documents, part of the main code, and videos. After entering the final round, the teams may improve their works, but can not change the theme and content of their works, and should provide their final works in accordance with the requirements for the final round. The last version of entries submitted before the submission deadline are considered the final works. Apple will provide necessary device and technical support to the teams that have entered the final round when they are getting prepared for their presentations (the final-round entries are subject to live demonstrations).

Review rules

The contest consists of three stages: the first round, the second round and the final round. The assessment experts will be randomly selected from the pool of judges and will uphold the principle of fairness and impartiality when reviewing; the Organizing Committee will supervise the review process. Online assessment will be conducted for the first round and second round, and for the final round assessment will be done based on live defense. The specific review rules are summarized as follows.

Basic parameters of
the work: 30 points

(1) Functionality    10 points

(2) Reliability    10 points

(3) Smooth running    10 points

Creativeness and uniqueness of the work: 40 points

(1) Design concept    10 points

(2) Interface design    10 points

(3) Interactive design    10 points

(4) Theme and others    10 points

Prospect assessment: 20 points

(1) Significance:
Desired by users   
10 points

(2) Value:Popularity
among the market   
10 points

Completeness and quality of the work: 10 points

(1) Data completeness    5 points

(2) Data quality    5 points

Notes: If the major achievements of any entry are not completed during the contest, points will be deducted as appropriate.

The results (points) of each phase will not add up to the next phase.


The results of the contest will be reviewed by the Committee of Experts and published on the official website. The award certificates will be printed and issued by the Organizing Committee, and there will be an awarding ceremony after the final review. The specific settings of the awards are as follows:

Grand Prize: 1 team

First Prize: 3 teams

Second Prize: 5 teams

Third Prize: 8 teams

Honorable Mention: a number of teams

Special Award: a number of teams

Best Coach Award: a number of teams

Best Organization Award:4 teams

Note: Winners of Special Awards for this contest may get other awards as well.

After the awarding results are made public, the Organizing Committee will hold the winning entries open for complaints for 10 days. Complainants should provide their real names, units, contact details and detailed evidence to prove that there is a violation of the winning entries. The Organizing Committee will investigate into it after receiving a real name complaint. If a violation is confirmed, the Organizing Committee will cancel the award of the violating team and reconsider which team the award should be given to. The Organizing Committee will protect the privacy of the complainant according to law.

Contest scheduling

Time for the first round: Late May 2018

Time for the second round: Late July 2018

Time and place for the final round:

Time: Late Sep. 2018

Place: To be notified.

Check-in for the final round: Participating teams must arrive one day in advance to the place for the final round.

Contacting methods

The contest office is located at the School of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University and is responsible for the specific organization and implementation of the contest.

Telephone consultation:

0571-87953863 (Teachers Liu, Qiao and Zhang)

QQ group (561504513)

Organizing Committee of the China Collegiate Computing Contest - Mobile Application Innovation

Feb 2017